Thank you so much for your interest in opening your own Gurlz for Gurlz networking chapter! 

As a Chapter President you will be responsible for:

  • Location for Monthly meeting

  • Creating a welcoming environment

  • Be a careful steward of the Gurlz for Gurlz name, logo, and materials

  • Lead chapter for one calendar year

  • Initial Chapter fee of $350 in one payment or 3 equal payments (one every 30 days for 90 days) of $125.

  • Renewal fee each year of $150.

Gurlz for Gurlz supports their Presidents by:

  • Fun Ribbon Cutting for your Chapter

  • Maintaining chapter materials

  • Maintaining Gurlz for Gurlz website

  • Create Marketing Materials

  • Innovative Social Media

  • Planning all-chapter events

  • Offering all-chapter Professional Development

  • Referral Bonuses

  • Accounting Processes for your Chapter

  • President’s Manual

  • Meeting materials

  • … and so much more!




First Year                       50%


40% Net

Second Year                  40%


50% Net

Third Year                      30%


60% Net

Fourth Year & Onward   20%


70% Net

  • All charitable funds will be disbursed by corporate accounting at the end of each year in one total sum.  


Mission Statement -

Gurlz for Gurlz, LLC is a faith based networking organization for women by women.  It is our mission to provide quality networking opportunities and loyal member referral services.  It is also our mission to develop and implement ongoing educational development opportunities for our members.

She wants to GROW *  She needs to GATHER *  She loves to GIVE * #G4G